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Choosing the correct clothing size

If you have come to this page to convert sizes for goods you have seen elsewhere then please be aware that a 'good' company would have provided this information for you.

We hope you find this information useful but would really appreciate it if you could also look at the the amazing range of
European Designer Clothing on our website so that we can continue to provide this information for free.


Footwear Size Guide Link                                             Hat Size Guide Link

Most european children's wear companies on the Continent use height as an age/size guide.

Now you and I both know that children are not all the same height at the same age (just like adults are not all the same height) but we have found that this method works best for us.

To find what size you need to buy, measure the height of your child (please don't guess as an inch can make a huge difference on a baby or toddler).

If you don't have a wall chart then the most acurate way is to stand your child against a wall and put a rule (or slim stick etc) on top of their head and mark the wall (oops! not on the wallpaper) and then measure the wall rather than the wriggling child.

How the sizing works on the Mischiefkids site

Beneath every photo you will find  the sizes the garment is available in and this shows what height the manufacturer uses for their 'average' age.

Not all manufacturers use the same standard so please check each size before placing an order.
Some companies, like Moschino use chest sizes instead of height.

For example: If your child is 96 cms then we would recommend you choose the 3/4 year size and this means this should fit a child from 3 years up to 4 years but we will be happy to email you measurements before we despatch if you request this in the 'Memo' box during checkout.
If you like the 'big n' baggy' look or want lots of growing room then move up a size - in our experience, children never shrink! 

Also, a lot of people think there is a difference between say a 3 year and a 3/4 year. Sorry but clothing does not magically stretch because a label says it is a 3/4 instead of a 3 year.  So, if you order something that says 5/6 years on the website and the garment label says 5 years then, this is the same thing.
Please see the chart at the base of this page for other examples.

Please note that all charts are approximate. If possible please measure the child.
We cannot be responsible if any garment purchased does not fit although you can return it.
Returns Policy

Standard Sizes
 CHILD'S APPROXIMATE AGE (please see other chart below)
56 cms
0/3 months    or newborn
62 cms
3/6 months  or 3 months
68 cms
6/9 or 6/12 months or 6 months
74 cms
9/12 months or 9 months
80 cms
12/18 months or 12 months
86 cms
18/24 months or 18 months
92 cms
2/3 years or 2 years
98 cms
3/4 years or 3 years
104 cms
4/5 years or 4 years
110 cms
5/6 years or 5 years
116 cms
6/7 years or 6 years
122 cms
7/8 years or 7 years
128 cms
8/9 years or 8 years
134 cms
9/10 years or 9 years
140 cms
10/11 years or 10 years
146 cms
11/12 years or 11 years
152 cms
12/13 years or 12 years
164 cms
14/15 years or 14 years
176 cms
16/17 years or 16 years
Convert Centimeters to Inches
56 cms
22 inches
62 cms
24  inches
68 cms
27 inches
74 cms
29 inches
80 cms
31 1/2 inches
86 cms
34 inches
92 cms
36 inches
98 cms
38 1/2 inches
104 cms
41 inches
110 cms
43 1/2 inches
116 cms
45 1/2 inches
122 cms
47.6 inches
128 cms
50 1/2 inches
134 cms
52.3 inches
140 cms
55 inches
146 cms
56.9 inches
152 cms
60 inches
164 cms
65 1/2 inches
176 cms
70 inches

A lot of people think there is a difference between say a 3 year and a 3/4 year. Sorry but clothing does not magically stretch because it says it is a 3/4 instead of a 3 year. A 3 year size is exactly the same as a 3/4 year old size.
Please see other examples below


is the same as a

0/3 months

3 months

is the same as a

3/6 months

6 months

is the same as a

6/9 (or even a 6/12)

9 months

is the same as a

9/12 months

12 months

is the same as a

12/18  months

18 months

is the same as a

18/24 months

24 months

is the same as a

24/36 months

2 years

is the same as a

2/3 years

3 years

is the same as a

3/4 years

4 years

is the same as a

4/5 years

5 years

is the same as a

5/6 years

6 years

is the same as a

6/7 years

7 years

is the same as a

7/8 years

8 years

is the same as a

8/9 years

9 years

is the same as a

9/10 years

10 years

is the same as a

10/11 years

11 years

is the same as a

11/12 years

12 years

is the same as a

12/13 years

13 years

is the same as a

13/14 years

14 years

is the same as a

14/15 years

15 years

is the same as a

15/16 years

16 years

is the same as a

16/17 years

Footwear Size Guide Link                                             Hat Size Guide Link


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